Wilson vs Head Tennis Racquet Comparison

Wilson vs HEAD tennis racquets

Wilson vs Head – The choice between Elegance and Aggression

Whom do you love more, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic

That will decide your racket brand choice between Wilson vs Head when you are new to the tennis universe as tennis rackets design doesn’t impact your game skills till you reach an intermediate level.

So now you know what you are going to deal with in this article. Every single tennis player has gone through this question which brand to use and which racket. This article deals with the major challenge the brand selection.

They have the best players as their brand ambassadors, Wilson is led by Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic represents the Head brand. 

The Style Statements 

Wilson is an old-school boy company, they believe in simplicity and elegance their rackets focus more on solid colors with colored stripes. Their racket designs represent the class and legacy of their brand and players. 

Moving onto Head, these are the boldest rackets in the market similar to the players who endorse this brand. They use a bright mix of colors and give appeal to all the new players in the game. Now we will dive more into the comparison of the rackets based on your skill sets. 

Wilson vs HEAD tennis racquet for beginners

You are new to the game and if you are looking for a racket that helps you in improving your game then we recommend you Wilson Clash 108 and Head Graphene 360+ Speed S

These rackets will help you in easy swings, have better control over the shot, and give you a perfect mix of power and spin. These are great options for beginners and intermediate players who want to hit fast and accurately.

Wilson Clash 108

Wilson Clash 108 Tennis Racquet (4 1/8)

Head Graphene 360+ Speed S

Head Graphene 360+ Speed S Unstrung Tennis Racquet - 100 / 4 / 27

Which one should be Your First Racket?


I would recommend Head Graphene 360+ Speed S as my focus is to choose a racket on the way it swings alone and that’s something that’s going to help you out as you’re developing your game.

Let’s move on to racket selection for intermediate players, most of us fall into this category and this is where things get serious. 

Wilson vs HEAD tennis racquet for intermediate players

Finding Rackets for Aspiring Stars!

We are assuming that you have already put several months of experience in tennis under your belt. Now, you have decided to invest more in this game to level up your game and become eligible to win some local tournaments. 

We have selected the right set of instruments for you. These rackets are focused more on playing with safety in mind. Finding the right racquet for your game is important to optimize your game, minimize risk for injury and allow yourself to enjoy the game with full spirit. 

The racquets on our list are designed to be versatile and work well as your game improves. 

The first on the list is Wilson Blade 98 16×19 v7 and Head Radical MP 2021

Wilson Blade 98

First more about the Wilson Blade 98, it combines the classic style statement and velvety paint finish inspired from Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Even though it has a speedier more headlight balance, this racquet packs a hefty 325+ RDC swing weight. 

Wilson Blade v7 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet (4 1/8" Grip)

The Blade 98 benefits from a technology called FeelFlex which utilizes Carbon Mapping that adds torsional strength while also helping the racquet bend in ways that helps in keeping your game explosive. 

Head Radical MP

Now we will move our focus to the legendary Graphene 360+ Radical MP, and it specializes in easy targeting and great feel. Head has added extra weight and stability, designers have also given this racket a lower, more arm-friendly flex rating. 

HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical MP Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 3/8 Grip, Unstrung

The signature technology is Graphene 360+, which combines the stability and easy power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head to enhance the feel. 

Which one suit intermediate players?


I would recommend Wilson Blade in this category, as players who can move this stick fast will find enough pace and spin on serve to force some weak replies, and there’s just enough mass on service returns to comfortably redirect higher levels of pace.

Wilson vs HEAD tennis racquet for advanced players

If you are an ATP material…

In this zone, we are with the players who have several tournament trophies under their belt and are looking for earning serious money by playing this sport. 

These rackets will help you in winning those crucial points, bringing your opponents in a tight spot to gain the advantage, play volleys to get the maximum benefits, the classic drop shots to get those sneaky points, and the massive serve to always have the upper hand in the game. 

Every single player knows about these rackets which our favourite players use as their primary weapon – Wilson Pro Staff 97 and Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

I use Wilson Pro Staff 97 and it has a classic design with a velvety finish. It scores points in all parts of the game. We have done a detailed review of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 racket here.

If you are looking for versatility and aggression in your game then Wilson Pro Staff 97 is for you. You can control the game from baseline and get the points through heave spin in your shots. 

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 V13 Federer Autograph Tennis Racquet - Quality String (4-1/8) RF97

By combining classic control and feel with a dash of modern speed and spin, the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro continues to be one of the most versatile player’s racquets on the market.

HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Black Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 3/8 Grip, Unstrung

Which one suit advanced players?


Though I use Wilson Pro Staff however I would recommend you the Head Graphene 360+ owing to its versatility and unmistakable control. It is more forgiving and faster than the Wilson Pro Staff. Until unless you believe from your core that you are made Pro Staff, Head Graphene is the perfect racket for your growth and success in your tennis career. 

Wilson vs HEAD tennis racquet for seniors

You are playing because you love the game! 

This is a tricky section where the rackets should be selected keeping the safety of the player and the player’s energy optimization in the mind. 

It should allow him to use the maximum potential of the equipment so that he can enjoy the game and win it as well. The racket design should provide additional power to the shots and should be able to generate enough spin for those tricky shots to help the player conserve energy to survive the sessions. 

The senior players focus on placing the shots in the gap and give priority to short points rather than long baseline rallies. 

We will recommend our favorite rackets from both brands and we will leave it up to you to take a call based on your preferred gaming style. Following are the criteria based on which I am recommending the rackets:

  1. Heaviest racket which you can use without impacting your muscles 
  2. Easy on your elbow and shoulder 
  3. Primarily doubles game

More weight means more power and you have to put less energy into the shot. We will go with that thumb rule. The first on the list is the Head Graphene 360+ Speed PWR, this racket is ideal for beginners, savvy doubles specialists, or any player looking to get easy depth from compact strokes. 

HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed PWR Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 3/8 Grip, Unstrung

The other racket in this list is again our earlier favourite Wilson Clash 108. It provides a comfortably crisp feel with super easy access to power and spin. The large sweet spot combined with the low swingweight offers great manoeuvrability and easy use. 

Wilson Clash 108 Tennis Racquet (4 3/8)


Q1: Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 vs HEAD Ti.S6

Head Ti S6 is one of the all-time favorite rackets for beginners and recreational players who have decided to just start the game. It comes with strings and is lightweight and helps in building your game. Wilson Hyper hammer will help you deliver powerful shots as well as resilience and provide more control for the player to place the ball wherever they want and due to the lightweight, a Tweener racket suits senior players who don’t want to spend much energy on creating movement during the game. We recommend Head Ti S6 if we are forced to select one of them. 

Q2: Wilson Clash vs HEAD Gravity

These 2 have different characteristics. Wilson Clash is undoubtedly a more comfort-oriented racquet than the Head Gravity line. Apart from this, the Head Gravity family is more suitable for flat hitters, while Wilson Clash is good for both flat and topspin (thanks to its flexible frame).

Each product line has several models like Head Gravity S, Tour, MP, and Pro; Wilson Clash 98, 100, 100 Pro, 100L, 100UL, 108. Each is suitable for different players, skills, gender, and ages.

It depends on your playing style. Wilson Clash line would be your option for someone that likes the feel of a wooden racquet or Donnay racquet or have an arm issue. However, if you are not above or are still young or competitive players, you tend to prefer Head Gravity over Wilson Clash.

Q3: Wilson Clash vs HEAD Radical

In this comparison, our recommendation is Head Radical, which is more suitable for the all-court tournament player seeking the perfect blend of power and handling. In contrast, Wilson Clash is more on recreational players or someone with an arm issue.

Q4: Wilson Blade vs HEAD Prestige

Wilson Blade vs Head Prestige is very close competition; selecting one depends on your playing style. However, I recommend Wilson Blade in this comparison as it is an arm-friendly racquet with a perfect mix of power, control, and stability.

On the other hand, Head Prestige is a demanding racket and doesn’t forgive you when you are not hitting the racket’s sweet spot. It will give you crisp and powerful strokes. However, it will exhaust you entirely in a short duration if you are not in good shape. On the flip side, if you are skillful and hit on a sweet spot, you will benefit from it.

Q5: Wilson Blade vs HEAD Radical

Let’s see the big picture, Head Radical line is more suitable for all-court players and has better spin potential, while Wilson Blade is more for baseliners and flat-hitters.

However, while digging into each model, it is more complicated. Head Radical has several models like S, MP, Pro, team, while Wilson Blade has 98 (16×19), 98 (18×20), 100, 100L, SW102 Autograph, 104.

Head Radical S is more suitable for ball placement and focuses on precision than aggressive baseliner. It is suitable for both single and doubles games. While Radical MP, Pro is better for all-court single games. And Radical team is for players who prefer a bigger head size (102 sq.in).

Wilson Blade is more for flat-hitters and baseliners. The Blade 98 head size is a control-oriented racquet which 16×19 is lighter, and offers more spin potential but less precision than the 18×20 string pattern.

Wilson Blade 100 is a powerful racquet for hard-hitter. The 100L is the light version that is suitable for teenage, seniors, or ladies.

For the players who prefer a bigger head size or doubles players, the Blade SW102 Autograph, 104 would be your choice.

Q6: HEAD Radical MP vs Wilson Blade 98

Head Radical MP is for all-court players, and has better spin-potential while Wilson Blade 98 is more suitable for baseliners and flat-hitters. In addition, Wilson Blade 98 gives better feel and control.

Head Radical MP suits you better for seniors as you need to be physically strong enough to use Wilson Blade 98 to its full potential.

Q7: Wilson Blade vs Head Speed

Wilson Blade is better for baseliners hitting flat, while Head Speed is more for all-court players, both flat and spin hitters.

Q8: Head Speed Pro vs Wilson Pro Staff 97

Both are great racquets for advanced players. In comparison, Head Speed Pro is more forgiving and has better power than the Wilson Pro Staff.

The Head Speed Pro is also known for its maneuverability and spin potential, while the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is known for its precision and feel.

The Head Speed Pro and the Wilson Pro Staff 97 differ in their specifications. The Head Speed Pro features an 18×20 string pattern, while the Wilson Pro Staff 97 has a 16×19 string pattern.

Additionally, the Head Speed Pro has a head size of 100 sq.in., while the Wilson Pro Staff 97 has a head size of 97 sq.in.

Q9: Head Boom Vs Wilson Clash

Both are comfort-oriented racquets and very close comparison. However, Head Boom is slightly more sluggish but has a firmer feel. However, Wilson Clash gives me less confidence in flat-serve than Head Boom.

Both lines have several models;

  • Head Boom MP (100 sq.in/295g), PRO (98 sq.in/310g), Team (102 sq.in/275g), Team L (107 sq.in/260g);
  • Wilson Clash 98, 100, 100 Pro, 100L, 100UL, 108.

It is better to pick one from each brand and demo to see which one suit you best.

Wrap Up on Wilson vs Head racquet

Wilson vs Head is one of the most famous tennis rivalries. Both the brands are iconic and influence the new players significantly. New players mostly follow their tennis idles and remain loyal to those brands and as they improve their tennis skills they learn more about the characteristics of the rackets and eventually they find the perfect racket for their game.  

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