Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff

Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff

Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff vs is one biggest racquet series rivalries of the Wilson brand. For most players, it is hard to make the decision of choosing between the two. Do not worry, because here a brief comparison.

If you are a player with an aggressive play style and you like to control the game and make plays, the Wilson Pro Staff is the superior choice for such a play style. It provides you with the greatest precision a racquet can offer, amazing power and spin, whilst making you feel like you’re one with the racquet.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to play aggressively and you like to play from the baseline waiting for your opportunity, the Wilson Blade is the better choice. It offers very snappy shots with a great blend of power and control and great feel.

Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff – Key Differences

The Wilson Blade series is a more accessible series of racquets as it offers a wider range for you to choose from. Ranging from different string patterns, head sizes and obviously weights.

The Wilson Pro Staff is also one of the most popular racquet series globally. The Pro Staff series has a little smaller range of racquets, all of which are a little tougher to master than the Blade series. As you progress your game, the Pro Staff is an incredible racquet if you are skilled enough to use it to your advantage.

WILSON Blade 98 16x19 V8 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung) (4 1/4 in)

WILSON Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung) (4 3/8)

Just to be clear, there is no mistake with either of these Wilson series. It all depends on what you’re looking for in the racquet that you’re buying.

In the next paragraph we’ll be talking about Blade vs Pro Staff comparison based on their touch (feel), so if you’re a late intermediate or an advanced player this might be important to you.

Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff – Difference in Touch (Feel)

When it comes to a racquets touch, the most significant thing is your personal preference, meaning that some people might not like racquets that return a lot of feedback on the hand, whilst others might.

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 are exceptional racquets in this area. It has one of the best touches out of all racquets, meaning that you upon contact with the ball you can be certain about the exact spot where that ball will land. Touch or feel also plays a huge role in dropshots as well as net play, and the Pro Staff is incredible in both, making you feel extremely connected to the racquet.

On the contrary, the Wilson Blade is a little less touch oriented racquet. The Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) is a great racquet, but the touch is great only when you are hitting hard shots and it decreases the amount of touch as you decrease your shot power.

The Blade 98 (18×20), from personal experience, is a little better than Blade 98 (16×19), but the Wilson Pro Staff 97/97RF is far superior in regards of touch.

It is NOT a big problem if you’re a club player, but more advanced players might find it hard to gain confidence on their shots if they do not feel connected to the racquet well enough.

Wilson Blade models:

  • Blade 98 16×19
  • Blade 98 18×20
  • Blade 100
  • Blade 100L
  • Blade SW102 Autograph
  • Blade 104

Who is the Wilson Blade for?

Blade 98 16×19Ideal for intermediate and advanced players looking for a great mix of power and spin.
Blade 98 18×20A great racquet which provides more control but less spin than 16×19 Blade; keep in mind it’s a little harder to swing .
Blade 100It is a great all-round racquet especially for defensive baseliners as it has a larger head size
Blade 100L A good starting racquet for Juniors and Seniors due to light weight and great power.
Blade SW102 AutographThe unusual specifications of this racquet, endorsed by Serena Williams is what makes it unique. It has a large head which makes it great for players looking for a forgiving racquet with great power and control.
Blade 104This Blade is a great choice for Seniors and for doubles players as it has the largest head size and is the most forgiving, whilst providing enough power.

Pro Staff models:

  • Pro Staff 97
  • Pro Staff RF 97
  • Pro Staff 97L
  • Pro Staff 97UL

Who is the Wilson Pro Staff for?

Pro Staff 97This racquet is a little lighter than the RF series with 315g unstrung weight. It is great for late intermediate and early advanced players as it offers great mix of power and control.
Pro Staff RF 97The heaviest racquet of the Pro Staff series which provides you with immaculate precision and amazing power. It is a great option for very advanced players only, as it is very difficult to master.
Pro Staff 97LThis racquet is a great choice for players that like the Pro Staff series but need a little lighter version.
Pro Staff 97ULThis is the lightest version of the Pro Staff and it’s a great choice for beginners and early intermediate players looking for that Pro Staff experience.

Wilson Blade or Pro Staff for beginners?

For beginners looking for a Wilson racquet the Blade 100L is an amazing choice as it is light enough, whilst providing enough power and control to be in control of your game. The Pro Staff series can also be a solid choice for beginners in the form of Wilson Pro Staff 97UL, but I personally think that Blade is a better option here as it is a more player friendly racquet series.

Wilson Blade or Pro Staff for Juniors?

When it comes to choosing a racquet for junior players, I would again recommend the Wilson Blade 100L due to its light weight, easiness upon swinging the racquet and a great combination of power, control and precision. The Wilson Pro Staff 97L/UL can also be a viable option as it offers relatively the same things as the Blade does. It depends on what the player likes more.

Wilson Blade or Pro Staff for Seniors?

If you are a senior player looking for a racquet that meets the requirements of being comfortable on the hand, light to swing and having enough power, the Wilson Blade 104 or the Wilson Pro Staff 97L are both great choices.

I would recommend the Blade 104 in this case, as it offers a much larger head size making it a more forgivable racquet which is a lot more comfortable on the hand than the Wilson Pro Staff 97 L. The Blade 104 is, in my opinion, the best choice in this category as it checks all the requirements of a racquet suitable for seniors.

Wilson Blade or Pro Staff for Doubles?

This an interesting category as a lot depends on your personal preference. For senior doubles players the Wilson Blade 104 is a great option or the Wilson Pro Staff 97 L/UL which is also a great choice. If you like to be aggressive and you like to play on the net, the Pro Staff is a better racquet as it stands as one of the best racquet series for net superiority.

On the other hand, if you like doubles, but you are not a very aggressive player the Blade is a better choice as it offers a more forgiving head size and more comfort with an adequate combination of power and control on your shots. Regardless of your play style, you cannot go wrong with either of these two racquets.

Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff for Intermediate?

In this category there is a little more preference involved as you are a player that is aware of what suits you. The top two contenders in this category are the Wilson Blade 100 and the Wilson Pro Staff 97. The Blade 100 offers a great combination of power and control from the baseline for players that have more defensive tendencies, unlike players that like more aggressive plays which would benefit more from the Pro Staff 97 which allows you to control the game in the exact way you want.

The Pro Staff is great, but keep in mind that not all players can utilize its full potential, thus I would recommend the Wilson Blade as it offers everything that most intermediate players require.

Wilson Blade vs Pro Staff for Advance Players?

Now that you have reached an experience level where you know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. The greatest two choices in this category are the Wilson Blade 98, either 16×19 or 18×20, and the Wilson Pro Staff 97 and Pro Staff 97 RF. The Pro Staff is an incredible racquet with immaculate precision and great mix of power and control which allows you the play the game exactly how you want.

On the other hand, the Wilson Blade 98 provides you with clean and snappy shot from the baseline with good power and great control which is oriented towards more defensive style of play. You know yourself the best, and the choice between the two racquets should be based on your personal preference and your play style.

Recommended strings for Wilson Blade

When choosing the best string type for your racquet, the greatest way to determine which string suites your racquet the best is to try multiple options. After trying you should find the one that fits best, but if you still don’t do not worry. Down below, you can find a general string guide and recommendation brief for the traits that you’re looking for.

  • For optimal top spin and power: Wilson NXT Power or Wilson ALU Power
  • For optimal control: Wilson Multifilament NXT Control
  • For optimal comfort: Wilson multifilament NXT Comfort

Recommended strings for Wilson Pro Staff

The same principle as mentioned above, is applied for string for your Pro Staff racquet.

  • For optimal top spin and power: Wilson ALU Power or Wilson NXT Power
  • For optimal control: Wilson Multifilament NXT Control or Wilson Multifilament Sensation Control
  • For optimal comfort: Wilson Multifilament NXT Comfort or Wilson Multifilament Sensation

Wrap Up

Regardless of your choice, the Wilson Blade and the Wilson Pro Staff are both amazing racquet series from Wilson. You should make the decision based on your preference and on your preferred play style. You cannot make a mistake by choosing either of the two. Choose your racquet and develop your game even further.

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