Wilson Blade vs Clash

Wilson Blade vs Clash

Wilson Blade vs Clash is a racquet series rivalry within the Wilson brand. The Wilson Clash is one of the newest additions to the Wilson racquet series and, quite frankly, it made a name for itself. On the other hand, the Wilson Blade is a very well established Wilson racquet series that keeps proving its worth.

If you’re a player with a fairly defensive play style and you like to control your game from the baseline, the Wilson Blade is the right choice for you.

However, if you occasionally like to play a little more aggressive, but still be consistent from the baseline, I would recommend the Wilson Clash. 

Wilson Blade vs Clash – Key Differences

If you’re looking for a very comfortable and easy to swing racquet from Wilson, the Wilson Clash is the right choice for you. The Clash offers a lot of power and top spin paired with the fact that it is one of the most comfortable racquets on the market currently.

Wilson Clash 100 v2
My Wilson Clash 100 v2

On the other hand, if you require immense precision, control and an amazing touch, the Wilson Blade is the better choice for you. The Blade offers incredible feel, with extremely snappy shots from the baseline and an amazing mix of power and control.

WILSON Blade 98 16x19 V8 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung) (4 1/4 in)

The Wilson Blade series is a more accessible series of racquets as it offers a wider range for you to choose from. Ranging from different string patterns, head sizes and obviously weights.

However, in regards of skill levels and age groups, there is a pretty big difference. The Wilson Clash is more suitable for Beginners and Seniors due to comfort and maneuverability, unlike Wilson Blade which is better suited for Intermediate and Advanced players with very competitive ambitions.

Wilson Blade models

  • Blade 98 16×19
  • Blade 98 18×20
  • Blade 100
  • Blade 100L
  • Blade SW102 Autograph
  • Blade 104

Who is the Wilson Blade for?

Blade 98 16×19A great choice for intermediate and advanced players as it has a nice combination of top spin and power, with a little less control than the Blade 18×20.
Blade 98 18×20This is an amazing racquet, but it is a little harder to swing and has less spin than the Blade 16×19, but with a lot more control and snappier shots.
Blade 100An all-round good racquet from Wilson. It provides the player with a lot of comfort from the baseline as it is aimed at quite defensive baseliners.
Blade 100LThis is a great choice for players that are just starting off as well as seniors. It is very light and provides the player with decent power.
Blade SW102 AutographThis racquet is endorsed by Serena Williams and it is quite unique. It offers a large head size, loads of power with decent control, which makes it great for players looking for an ideal combination of those traits.
Blade 104Ideal for Seniors or passionate doubles players due to a large head size which is very forgiving with a good amount of power.

Wilson Clash models

  • Wilson Clash 100 v2
  • Wilson Clash 100 Pro v2
  • Wilson Clash 98 v2
  • Wilson Clash 100L v2
  • Wilson Clash 100UL v2
  • Wilson Clash 108 v2

Who is the Wilson Clash for?

Wilson Clash 100 v2This racquet is a great choice for beginner and intermediate players looking for an arm-friendly racquet with a great combination of power and top spin.
Wilson Clash 100 Pro v2This is an all-round good racquet with great comfort and power to control ratio. It is very maneuverable, but has a little less power than Clash 100 v2. However, this model is a bit heavier than the Clash 100 v2 and it offers a unique 16×20 string pattern. It is best suited for intermediate and experienced players with a run and hit play style.
Wilson Clash 98 v2The small head size of this racquet offers more precision and control, but it is a little less forgiving than the Wilson Clash 100.   Also it is very maneuverable and comfortable on the player’s hand. It is the most suitable for players looking for a 98 sq. in. head size for optimal blend of comfort and control.
Wilson Clash 100L v2One of the most arm-friendly racquets on the market currently. It is probably the best choice for players looking for a very quick and comfortable racquet.
Wilson Clash 100UL v2This is also a very comfortable and maneuverable racquet similar to the Wilson Clash 100L v2, but it is aimed at beginner and early intermediate players.
Wilson Clash 108 v2This is a great choice for Seniors and doubles players, looking for an oversized racquet with outstanding feel.

Wilson Blade 98 vs Clash 100

Wilson Blade 98 and the Wilson Clash 100 are two of the most popular models from the two racquet series. The Wilson Blade offers much more precision, control and a greater touch than the Wilson Clash. However, Wilson Clash 100 offers more comfort and top spin making it more suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

Wilson Blade 98 vs Clash 98

This is an interesting comparison, as both racquets offer a 98 sq. in. head size. If you’re in the market for a 98 head size, we can assume that you are in need of better control and precision on your shots. Based on that assumption, the Wilson Blade 98 is the clear winner here. The only reason to choose Clash over the Blade is if you’re looking for increased comfort.

Wilson Blade 100 vs Clash 100

This is also a comparison between two racquets of the same head size. Here the most important factor would be your skill level. If you’re more of a beginner, I would recommend the Wilson Clash 100 as it is more suitable for that particular skill level.

On the other hand, if you’re a little more advanced but still learning, I would recommend the Wilson Blade 100. Both are great choices, and a lot depends on your preference and your play style.

Wilson Blade or Clash for beginners?

If you’re just starting off with your tennis journey, it might be confusing to choose a racquet, so here is a little help.

Here is the list of racquets which are best suitable for beginners:

  • Clash 100 V2, 100L V2, or 100UL v2 – If you’re looking for comfort and easiness of swing, these models are the right choice
  • Blade 100L – This is a lighter version of the Blade series, thus making it quite suitable for beginners

However, the best way to decide which racquet suites you the most is to try a demo racquet.

Wilson Blade or Clash for Juniors?

In this skill category, I would recommend to go for the Wilson Clash as it is more comfortable, very easy to maneuver as well as being very beginner friendly. On the other hand, if the Junior is more advanced, the Blade 100, Blade 100L can both be viable options.

Wilson Blade or Clash for Seniors?

You’re at a stage were comfort is probably the most important criteria when choosing a racquet. If that is the case, the Wilson Clash is the way to go. The Wilson Clash provides you with a great blend of power, control and maneuverability. If comfort is not that important to you, the Wilson Blade 100L can be a great option as well. Nonetheless, you should try to see what suites you the best.

Wilson Blade or Clash for Doubles?

For doubles players, specifically senior doubles players, I would recommend the Wilson Blade 104 as it offers an oversized head with a nice combination of power and control with good comfort. However, if you need an even larger head size, the Wilson Clash 108 v2 is the racquet for you because it is extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver.

Wilson Blade vs Clash for Intermediate?

If you’re an intermediate player looking to progress your game even further the Wilson Clash 100 Pro v2 is the racquet for you. It offers a great blend of power and top spin as well as being very comfortable. Nonetheless, if you are a more baseline-based player, I would recommend the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19), as it offers very snappy shots, great feel and good top spin.

Wilson Blade vs Clash for Advance Players?

You’ve now reached a very serious level of skill. Your game requires a lot of precision, control and great power and top spin. In this skill group, I would recommend you to skip the Wilson Clash and go for the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) or Wilson Blade (18×20). The 16×19 Blade offers more spin and power, whilst the 18×20 Blade offers a lot more control and an extremely good touch.

Wrap Up

Despite your choice, you cannot make a mistake with either the Wilson Blade or the Wilson Clash series. Both of these racquet series are great in their own ways. The key factor in your decision should be your skill level. The Wilson Clash is a better choice for beginners and intermediate players, however the Blade is the far more superior choice if you’re a more advanced player.

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