Tennis Overhead Smash Technique

Tennis overhead smash technique

Tennis overhead smash technique is one of the most spectacular shots in the modern tennis game. It was used also in the past when the game was slower and the tactics privileged the game at the net, making it a shot used more often than in nowadays games. 

The technique is fundamental to enjoying this shot and making it efficient at the same time. Below we will analyze each aspect of the job. 

What’s the smash technique in tennis?

The technique is well known but attacking players as it happens quite often to be lobbed when they come down to the net to attack and close the point. The opponent has 2 choices:

  • Try to hit a winner to the side of the attacker (normally at the center of the net)
  • Try to lob him 

Here is where the overhead smash technique comes in place. If the opponent’s lob isn’t long enough you can make a few steps back and hit a winner. However, it isn’t as easy as we say to make it without proper training sessions and techniques.

Why is overhead smash important

The importance of the overhead smash technique is mainly in situations close to the net where the opponent tries to hit a winner over your head. This shot can be very useful to be able to counter-hit the opponent and smash a winner down the court. You need to have a good understanding of your balance skills and approach the ball with the right technique or you could end up in a shameful miss.

Tennis overhead smash technique 

There are 3 suggestions when hitting an overhead smashing. The main ones to follow are:

1. Tennis overhead grip: 

This is the basic tip for every shot in tennis but it becomes more important when your racquet is overhead and you are collecting the necessary energy for the smash. Your hand should have a firm, continental grip on the racquet. Try the technique over and over without a ball before starting the drills with a ball and following during a match. 

2. Tennis overhead footwork: 

Another important step is to make sure you are ready to hit the winning overhead smash. Without the necessary footwork, your technique won’t be useful as you will not reach the right target with the correct timing, making it almost impossible to smash a winner.

The drills to improve your footwork have to be done in this sequence:

– Use a cone and run towards it with small but quick running steps

– Come backward with the same speed 

– Repeat 10 times and for each of them tries to speed up

When you feel comfortable pick up the racquet and do with it. Following that the last drill is to come back and simulate the smashing movement with the backswing and follow-through

3. Raise the hand up technique:

When you train for the tennis overhead the raise hand up technique is very useful to learn. It allows you to coordinate better when approaching to hit the ball. You step into the smash with your left foot if you’re a right hander transferring your weight from the right foot to the left while vice versa if you are a left hander. Be careful to follow through during the whole time even if that’s a but challenging during some bright days.

How to hit the best backhand smash in tennis  

To hit the backhand smash in tennis the technique is similar to the overhead; however, you will position yourself not facing the ball but having the ball on your side. Then you will have to swing your bat forward as well as doing at the same time a downward movement to hit the ball. Do it with early timing at your shoulder height. When you hit it, make your wrist flexible to make a last-minute shot using the power on your wrist.

Who has the best overhead in tennis?

In this time the best overhead is played by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who announced his retirement after 2022’s Roland Garros, in front of the public in Paris. Among the best ones Tomáš Berdych and Roger Federer also made the podium with great technique. To lob someone another factor to consider is their height. For players above 190cm lob isn’t the best solution as they most likely can hit an overhead with extreme ease.

Tennis overhead smash summary

The tennis overhead smash technique is a spectacular shot in the world of tennis and both men and women use it every match in specific situations. On surfaces where the ball is slower, such as clay it’s even used more often as the players have enough time to recover a shot and try to lob the opponent, forcing him to do an overhead smash. 

Training the tennis overhead smash technique can make phenomenal changes within a few weeks of drills. Take the chance, work hard and impress your opponent on the court.

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