Solinco Hyper-G vs Volkl Cyclone Tennis String

solinco hyper-g vs volkl cyclone

Solinco Hyper-G and Volkl Cyclone are both co-polyester tennis strings which are very popular among tennis fans due to their spin, control and durability. With very slight differences in review ratings, but quite significant differences on the court.

Stop playing the game with the wrong strings and start winning matches! Find out which tennis string reigns supreme in our Solinco Hyper-G vs Volkl Cyclone comparison.

Key takeaways: Solinco Hyper-G vs Volkl Cyclone

When comparing Volkl Cyclone and Solinco Hyper-G head to head, the Volkl Cylone has the edge over Solinco Hyper-G in power, comfort and durability, whilst Solinco Hyper-G is superior in control and feel.

Regarding spin potential, both strings have roughly the same capability of generating it.

In addition, the Hyper-G has a slightly higher launch angle than the Volkl Cyclone.

Comparison Table

 Solinco Hyper-GVolkl Cyclone
Power /
Spin Potential//
Comfort /
Durability /

The following are the key areas of comparison in the game of tennis: Spin Potential, Power, Control, Comfort, Durability and Tension Maintenance.


The obvious winner in the power category is the Volkl Cyclone. It is a perfect balance of power and control considering that it a co-polyester string that are known to be quite lifeless. Even if you opt for stringing it at a lower tension the power remains in a very controllable range. In comparison, the Solinco Hyper-G also offers great control, but less power and pop on your shots.


Both the Solinco Hyper-G and the Volkl Cyclone have a lot of spin potential. The Solinco Hyper-G features a four-edged form that gives outstanding ball grip, whilst the Volkl Cyclone has a distinctive geometric shape that aids in topspin generation. The spin potential rating is a tie.


Both strings excel at it. The soft feel of the Solinco Hyper-G allows players to place the ball precisely where they want it, whereas the firm feel of the Volkl Cyclone allows for outstanding accuracy and finesse.

The reasoning behind choosing the Solinco Hyper-G as a winner in the control category is because it enables players to go all out on their shots without the fear of overhitting it which isn’t always the case with the Volkl Cyclone.


Regarding the comfort, the Volkl Cyclone has a little softer feel than the Solinco Hyper-G, making it a more comfortable option for most players. Both strings, however, are relatively comfortable to use when taken into consideration that they are co-poly strings. Additionally, both aid in the reduction of shock and vibration.


The clear winner in this category is the Solinco Hyper-G, as it provides the player with amazing hand feedback even when hitting the ball very hard. This means that it doesn’t transfer unpleasant and harsh feedback to your hand when going all out.

Durability and Tension Maintenance:

Finally, when taking in consideration the durability and tension maintenance, the Solinco Hyper-G and Volkl Cyclone are both well-known for their long-lasting performance. They are both polyester strings that can survive severe use and are resistant to wear and tear.

Furthermore, both strings feature outstanding tension retention. Players who use either string note that it maintains tension effectively after several hours of play.

However, the Volkl Cyclone tends to hold string tension a little better than Solinco Hyper-G with players stating that they’ve been using it for 12+ hours of active play across multiple playing sessions without it breaking or loosing barely any string tension.

Hyper-G or Cyclone on Popular Racquets?

1. Wilson Blade 98

Since the Wilson Blade 98 is a control-oriented racquet, the better choice here would be the Volkl Cyclone due to it having a slight advantage in power when compared to the Solinco Hyper-G.

On the other hand, if your shots commonly hit the net, Solinco Hyper-G would be a better choice as it provides a higher launch angle than Volkl Cyclone.

2. Babolat Pure Aero

As one of the most famous racquets made by Babolat, the Pure Aero is undoubtedly an excellent top spin weapon. However, tennis racquets made by Babolat do not usually stand as the most comfortable racquets, therefore the Volkl Cyclone would be a better choice as it is more comfortable than the Solinco Hyper-G. On the other hand, if comfort isn’t your main concern, the superior control and feel of the Solinco Hyper-G make it a much better choice than the Volkl Cyclone. It is based on what you’re looking for and what you prefer.

3. Head Speed MP

Head Speed MP is known to be a very string-sensitive racquet. Therefore, the strings on the Head Speed MP should preferably have lots of control paired with a great feel. By knowing these facts, we can conclude that the better pick here would be the Solinco Hyper-G.

4.  Yonex Ezone

The Yonex Ezone isn’t known as a racquet with a ton of power, therefore the better choice here would be the Volkl Cyclone if you’re looking for more power on your shots. On the other hand, if you’re not lacking physical power, you can opt for the Solinco Hyper-G for additional control.

Solinco Hyper-G vs Volkl Cyclone Summary

In conclusion, the Solinco Hyper-G and Volkl Cyclone tennis strings are both outstanding choices for spin, control, and longevity. Personal preference will determine which of the two to use, with Solinco Hyper-G being a more control-oriented alternative with a softer feel and Volkl Cyclone having a firmer feel that delivers outstanding accuracy, whilst being extremely comfortable.

To make sure you’re making the right choice, talk to your local coaches and stringers to get the best inside information. However, before creating the final verdict make sure to get a hands-on experience by demoing your string of choice as tennis is a game of personal preference when it comes to equipment choice.

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