Solinco Confidential vs RPM Blast

Solinco Confidential vs RPM Blast

Solinco Confidential vs Babolat RPM Blast is not the most common comparison among tennis fans, however due to both being great strings, it makes sense for us to compare their characteristics side by side.

We’ll be comparing them across the most important aspects of the game: Power, Spin Potential, Comfort and Feel, Control and Durability.

Key takeaways: Solinco Confidential vs RPM Blast

When compared head to head, both Solinco Confidential and Babolat RPM Blast excel at different areas of the game.

Solinco Confidential is rated as a more control-oriented tennis string, whilst also being more comfortable, and providing great ball-pocketing feel. In regards of durability, both are very closely matched, but Solinco Confidential has a slight edge over Babolat RPM Blast.

Babolat RPM Blast excels at the areas of power and spin potential just slightly because both strings are very closely rated. Regarding the feel, Babolat if superior over Solinco Confidential.

However, keep in mind that for some players this might not be the case due to both strings being quite similarly matched.

Comparison Table

Solinco Confidential vs RPM Blast are compared in each aspect below, with the winner of each category presented in the table.

 Solinco ConfidentialBabolat RPM Blast
Power /
Spin Potential /
Feel /


Neither Babolat RPM Blast, nor Solinco Confidential are designed to create power primarily, and some players may find that the strings do not contribute much power to their shots.

The strings are intended to produce exceptional control and spin, which can be beneficial for players who prefer accuracy and placement over power.

However, Babolat RPM Blast has a slightly better power rating, thus players looking for more power should opt for Babolat RPM Blast over Solinco Confidential.

Spin Potential:

Babolat RPM Blast is one of the best strings on the market when it comes to generating spin. The string’s unique shape and texture allow players to grip the ball better, which results in more spin on their shots.

This is particularly useful for players who rely on spin to control the ball and create angles. Babolat RPM Blast is a much better choice between the two in terms of spin.


Solinco Confidential is known for its exceptional control. The string’s design allows for excellent precision and accuracy, which is particularly useful for players who rely on placement and consistency.

When compared in the control aspect, the Solinco Confidential is a better option than Babolat RPM Blast.


Solinco Confidential is made of a stiff polyester material, which may not be the most comfortable option for some players. However, the string’s exceptional control can make up for this for players who value these factors over comfort.

Despite not being the most comfortable string on the market, Solinco Confidential is still a little more comfortable than Babolat RPM Blast and consequently the winner in this category.


Babolat RPM Blast is comprised of a stiff polyester material, which some players may find harsh and lacking in feel and touch. While the string’s unusual shape and texture assist players to hold the ball better and generate more spin, it may lack the feel and touch of softer strings.

Nonetheless, Babolat RPM Blast is still the winner in this category as it provides a slightly better feel than Solinco Confidential. Keep in mind that this may vary depending the player’s preference. 

Durability and Tension Maintenance:

Solinco Confidential is a very durable string and can last for a long time. However, some players have reported that the string may lose tension faster than other strings, which can affect its performance over time.

However, players stated that Babolat RPM Blast tends to lose tension even faster, so Solinco Confidential is a clear winner here.

Solinco Confidential Characteristics

Solinco Confidential is an exceptional control-oriented string that provides lots of spin potential. It features a stiff monofilament construction and a four-edged shape. It has been masked by the more popular Solinco Hyper-G, but due to all of its great features, it made a name for itself.

What I like about Solinco Confidential:

  • Incredible control
  • Amazing top-spin generation on almost all shots
  • Great ball-pocketing effect

What I dislike about Solinco Confidential:

  • Tends to lack power on some shots
  • Not beginner-friendly

Babolat RPM Blast Characteristics

Babolat RPM Blast is a octagonally-shaped black string introduced by Rafael Nadal. Since its release, it’s become one of the most popular tennis string on the market. It features incredible top-spin whilst maintaining decent control. In addition to this, it is very well-known for its amazing durability.

What I like about Babolat RPM Blast:

  • Great control
  • Exceptional spin capacity
  • Solid durability

What I dislike about Babolat RPM Blast:

  • Firmness
  • Tends to be underpowered on slow shots for some players

Solinco Confidential vs RPM Blast on Popular Racquets

It would not be a string comparison if we didn’t compare them on some of the most popular racquets on the market.

1. Wilson Blade 98

Wilson Blade 98 is known as a control-oriented racquet, therefore the better choice here would be Babolat RPM Blast due to the additional power and spin potential that it provides.

On the other hand, if you’re not lacking physical power, Solinco Confidential is also a very viable option.

2. Babolat Pure Aero

Babolat Pure Aero, endorsed by Rafa is one of the most popular top-spin generating racquets on the market, it is really a spin beast.

Therefore, we can conclude that you’re not going to lack power and spin on your shots, so the better choice here would be the Solinco Confidential as it provides you with more control and comfort.

3. Head Speed MP

As one of the most string-sensitive racquets on the market, Head Speed MP is a very hard racquet to choose the right string for.

If you’re looking for more power and top-spin on your shots, you should opt for Babolat RPM Blast. However, if you lack control or feel that your racquet gives you a harsh feedback, try the Solinco Confidential because it offers you additional control and comfort.

4. Yonex Ezone

Yonex Ezone isn’t known for incredible power generation. A far better choice here would be the Babolat RPM Blast because it provides you with enough power and top-spin to get the ball swiftly off of your racquet. But, if you’re looking for better placement on your shots, try the Solinco Confidential.

5. Wilson Pro Staff 97

Wilson Pro Staff 97, endorsed by Roger Federer, is definitely an exceptional racquet. Choosing between the two strings here is very tough, and the choice should be based on your personal preference.

For more power and spin generation, opt for the Babolat RPM Blast as it excels in these areas of the game.

On the other hand, if you need more control and comfort, the better choice would be opting for the Solinco Confidential.


To conclude this comparison, both Solinco Confidential and Babolat RPM Blast are excellent tennis strings that excel at the areas of control, top-spin and durability.

If you’re in the market for a string that features more power and spin potential, Babolat RPM Blast is the string for you. But, if control and comfort are you’re preferred features of a tennis string, you should consider Solinco Confidential.

It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a string, and your personal preference, of course. The best thing you can do, is demo both strings on your racquet before making the final decision.

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