Pressurized vs Pressureless Tennis Balls

pressurized vs pressureless tennis balls

Pressurized vs Pressureless Tennis Balls, what are their differences?

Air is what changes between the pressurized and the pressureless tennis balls. The first ones mentioned have air in rubber balls with a very fuzzy, fabric cover around them. The pressureless tennis balls instead have an absolute solid part inside made only of microcells filled with air.

Below we will try to sum up and explain both types of tennis balls to give you a clear idea of what they are, how you recognize and where you can buy them.

What are pressurized tennis balls?

Pressurized tennis balls are balls with air inside them. With this way of being built the ball reacts quickly to the compression, taking back its normal shape with less time involved. In addition to this, the pressurized tennis ball leaves the racquet faster after being hit.

What are pressureless tennis balls?

Talking about the pressureless tennis balls means talking about balls with a solid microcell that is filled with air inside. These balls are also more durable and often used during training.

Pressurized vs Pressureless tennis balls

Most of the difference stays in the inside conformation of the ball. The case with the pressurized ball is that they are filled with air in rubber balls inside.

On the other side instead, the pressureless tennis balls are solid on the inside, they cannot be compressed as they are composed of microcells filled with air.

Best Pressurized tennis balls

The Penns pressurized are a great choice for beginners and intermediate player

The Wilson Prime overall ball is a classic ball, well-known all around the world. The reputation is given by the consistency during the years on top of their durability and great feeling overall.  When you are in doubt on the pressurized ball to choose the Wilson prime is a safe choice of quality.

Penn Championship Extra Duty Felt Tennis Balls - 6 Cans, 18 Balls
  • America's #1 selling tennis ball.
  • Official tennis ball of USTA League Tennis.
  • Controlled fiber release for consistent nap.
  • Natural rubber for consistent feel and reduced shock.
  • Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear.
Wilson Profile All Court Tennis Balls - Yellow, 3 Ball Can
  • Wilson Profile All Court Tennis Balls - Yellow, 3 Ball Can
  • Dura-Weave felt for tighter play and impressive logo wear
  • Ideal performance on all court surfaces
  • Can includes 3 balls
  • Balls are numbered to differentiate from balls used by other players on neighboring courts

Best Pressureless tennis balls

WILSON Triniti Tennis Balls - Single Can (3 Balls),Black
  • First performance tennis ball with fully recyclable packaging
  • Engage Core integrates plastomer material that maintains fresh ball feel 4x longer than a standard core
  • STR Felt is 50% more flexible than standard felt for more feel at contact and provides enhanced durability
  • 5% of profits support worldwide sustainability efforts
  • Sleeve includes 3 tennis balls
Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball 60 Count (Pack of 1),Yellow
  • TOURNA PRESSURLESS BALLS NEVER LOSE THEIR BOUNCE. Regular tennis balls go flat over time, even if you don’t use them. These balls will have the same consistent bounce for the life of the ball.
  • DURABLE! Not all tennis balls are created equal. The extra durable felt on the TOURNA Pressurless tennis balls lasts a long time. Ideal for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets.
  • REGULATION SIZE AND BOUNCE. Tourna tennis balls are regulation size and bounce to regulation height. Many pressureless balls are smaller than a regular ball. Play and practice with confidence on all surfaces with Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls.
  • Ideal for practice, ball throwing machines, or playing with your pet.
GAMMA Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls - Sturdy & Reuseable Mesh Bag with Drawstring for Easy Transport - Bag-O-Balls (12-Pack of Balls, Yellow)
  • PRESSURELESS BALLS-MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Our Tennis ball bucket contains pressureless tennis balls that won’t lose any pressure over time, providing you with maximum performance and durability, unlike standard gas pressured balls.
  • IDEAL FOR TENNIS PRACTICE: Pressureless tennis balls are highly popular among teaching pros & tutors, as well as avid players as they are highly durable, can be used in all kinds of lessons & practice. Plus, they’re ideal to use with throwing machines!
  • HIGH CONSISTENCY ON ALL COURT TYPES: The versatility of pressureless balls allows them to be used on any court, hard or soft, without issue. They are ideal for teaching and will allow you to enjoy your tennis sessions on any clay or cement court.
  • REUSABLE TENNIS BALL BAG: The reusable bag will come in very handy when you want to carry your tennis balls anywhere, in any court.
  • THE IDEAL SPORTS GIFT: Our bag of tennis balls can be a great gateway to tennis for any family, a great tool for a pro tennis teacher, the ideal way to have fun anywhere and even play with your dog or pets!

Best pressureless tennis balls for ball machine

In this category for your training you will find also the tennis balls for the ball machine as you can see below;

GAMMA Sports Pressureless Tennis-Balls Bucket, Bulk Tennis Balls, Premium Tennis Accessories, Pack of 48
  • BULK BUCKET OF TENNIS BALLS: Be ready for any court and multiple serves with GAMMA's large bucket of pressureless tennis balls. Available in different count choices for the coach, student, or pro on the go, this reusable bucket is a great way to carry gear to and from practice sessions.
  • PRESSURELESS FOR MAX PERFORMANCE: These tennis balls won't lose pressure over time, offering more long-term durability and bounce than gas-pressured balls. They're perfect for lessons and are also tennis-ball-machine compatible for solo serving sessions.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR COURT PLAY: Pressureless balls can be used on any court—hard or soft, clay or cement—making them a versatile addition to your tennis practice equipment. Whether you're teaching or practicing, you can unleash your inner champion anywhere.
  • GIFT OR LEVEL UP: Pressureless balls are ideal for recreational enthusiasts, training tutors, beginners, and youth sports programs, and they even make great tennis balls for dogs. They’re the ultimate gift or gear investment for all kinds of players and settings.
  • NEVER STOP PLAYING: Founded on a history of unique innovation, GAMMA Sports strives to support every athlete, from experienced professionals to excited beginners. Our products are made to inspire everyone to never stop playing and improving.
Teloon tennis balls (Regular color-12pcs)
  • 🎾【HIGH BOUNCE】: Large dogs are not well suited to this tennis ball. Our tennis balls are non-pressure balls with a hard liner that is easy to chew by sharp teeth and are designed primarily for training strikes. Small dogs can play.these practice tennis balls are almost the same as the standard ones, with excellent bounce height, can be used as professional training balls.
  • 🎾【CARRY BAG】: Teloon coach3 balls come in a convenient reusable and closeable mesh bag for easy transport and storage.
  • 🎾【LIGHTWEIGHT】: Weight: 60g, Diameter: 2.5 inches, Bounce Height: 1.5 m / 59in (Free falling from 2m height), easy to carry and control.
  • 🎾【Durable and wear-resistant】:The extra durable felt on the Teloon Pressurless tennis balls lasts a long time. Ideal for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets.
  • 🎾【After-Sales Service:】:If you purchase a tennis ball with quality problems, you can contact us to give you a replacement, or apply for a replacement product yourself. The number of products is large, we try to ensure that you can be able to purchase a satisfactory product.If you have any problem after purchase,you can feel free t email us in any time.we will reply you in 24 hours.


1. Should I get pressurized tennis balls?

The pressurized tennis balls should be bought if you must play matches. It is easier to apply topspin on these balls as they are lighter than normal, used for this specific effect on the ball.

2. How long do pressurized tennis balls last?

For amateurs, these balls can last 1-3 weeks while for professional tennis players they last 1-3 hours. 

3. Can tennis balls be re-pressurized?

Most of them can be re-pressurized however it depends on how hard the ball was beaten and for how much time. 

4. Should I use pressureless balls?

If you want to play any sort of competition tennis, then pressurized balls are the only real option. 

5. How long do pressureless balls last?

1-4 weeks with normal use while for professionals they don’t last more than 4 hours.

6. Do pressureless tennis balls bounce?

The pressureless balls gain bounce when used and removed from the can. This phenomenon is due to the felt wearing away and the rubber hence softening.

7. Is it OK to practice with pressureless tennis balls?

Fine. These balls are heavier, they generate less spin, so they are perfect for practice.

8. Are pressurized or pressureless tennis balls better?

That all depends on the use you need. For general practice the pressureless are perfect as you are going to learn the movement and hit them harder, being more durable and more difficult to spin. When it’s time to match at a high level the pressurized are lighter and easier to generate spin, however less durable.

Pressurized vs Pressureless tennis balls Summary

To wrap up the topic of the pressurized vs pressureless tennis balls you shall be aware of your match. Are you going to practice to improve your spin, slice, service, and forehead or do you want to play a professional match (also is your level intermediate and above or lower)?

If the answer is YES, especially for the practice part, then you shall continue to use the pressureless instead if you are a pro and playing a competitive match the pressurized can help the spin and hit as they are lighter.

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