Matteo Berrettini Analysis

Matteo Berrettini Analysis

Matteo Berrettini is one of the sexiest men in Italy due to recent research published on “Chi”.

The Italian statuary player is the Italian tennis player with the best results on the court in the last 10 years. He’s Roman, born in the capital of Italy in 1996, being at the top of his career nowadays in 2022 at the age of 26 years old.

At the beginning of his career, Matteo spent a lot of time playing tennis with his brother, Jacopo (3 years younger) and due to this, they continued playing together for many years.

Matteo Berrettini in his biography mentioned that his brother was the reason he managed to continue to play tennis even when he wanted to switch to more popular sports, i.e football.

Matteo Berrettini’s playing style

The tower of Italy as he’s called standing at 196 cm is one of the tallest players in the tournament. He reached number 7 ATP in 2021 as the best result and continues to impress in his career which will be detailed shortly. 

Matteo Berrettini
Berrettini WM19 (4)” by si.robi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

His playing style consists in strong services which help a lot with his gaming during the games when he can serve as well as a devastating forehand, very powerful which he recognized as the most powerful part of his game plan.

Matteo Berrettini stroke analysis


This is one of Matteo’s most powerful parts of his game, if not the most. 

He has extreme pulling and twisting motions in his bend forehands. Matteo Berrettini pulls his upper arm forward to where his elbow is pulled in front of the plane of his body while the racquet is fully laid back with the butt cap at the ball and the arm externally rotated (twisted backward).

Berrettini uses his arm externally rotated with a great deal of creating lag. This created the potential for an inside-out motion of the racquet head that will ‘’catch up’’ the arm that leads the way.


The backhand of Matteo is as many pundits say his weakest point. His double-handed grip and height don’t help to return the ball in an attacking way to the other side of the court. Said so, Matteo used a lot more often the back slice to gain meters on the court to be able to be positioned again in the center and attack with the forehand.


Matteo Berrettini’s serves reached 234 km/h during the Madrid open, this was his record. Knowing this is the best part of his tennis Matteo Berrettini has a great first serve which cannot be returned most of the time, even by the best returners in the circuit, such as Novak Djokovic, Casper Ruud, and Carlos Alcaraz.

It’s fast, he can also switch between a flat serve by hitting the ball directly forward with no spin, using a kick serve with the top spin that pushes the ball up higher when it bounces off the court, or a sliced serve which tends to swing out wide, making it difficult to return for the opponent.

Long arms are key

 Berrettini even if he’s in the tallest guys in the circuit he’s not the tallest, Medvedev, Karlovic, and Kyrgios are all taller than him however he has long levers which are very helpful in tennis. 

Return of serve

Matteo’s return of service starts in a very unusual position. Like most of the players on hardcourt and grass, Matteo started his career 2-3 meters behind the baseline, which allow him enough time to prepare the hit, with the ball bouncing higher.

In 2021 Matteo changed his approach and became an aggressive returner. He places himself on the baseline and attacks the serve of the opponent, taking out the timing necessary for re-positioning and catching them most of the time out of position, winning the point.

This applies to the opponent being too close to the ball and being able only to return it to the net not having the time and space necessary between themselves and the ball to create the movement to hit back the ball.


The volley is one of the parts of the games where Berrettini is trying to improve as much as possible in recent years. It is part of his game as he’s a grass player, which means the serve and volley are something used very much. It’s not his best area of play as his height doesn’t help the fast run towards the net; however, he can manage it following a strong first serve which he has in his power.

What is Matteo Berrettini famous for

The best achievement for Berrettini is the final of Wimbledon reached in 2021 where he played vs Novak Djokovic, the 7 times winner of Wimbledon. The tournament was a highlight for a player like Matteo Berrettini, a player that plays his best tennis on grass.

In 2021 he reached a victory in the tournament of Queens which is the most common tournament taken by all players before Wimbledon. Matteo managed to reach the semifinals as well at the US Open and the quarter-finals in the other 2 Grand Slams, being the only Italian altogether with Jannik Sinner to be able to achieve such a target.

Wrap up

To sum up, Matteo Berrettini is a player capable of being in the top 10 of the ATP circuit.

In 2021 the points of Wimbledon were not counted otherwise this would have helped him a lot in the standings to raise his position.

As we write in November 2022 Matteo Berrettini is still in the top 15 and aims to reach again top 10 by the end of next year, always welcoming the grass season with high chances of winning the tournaments.

Matteo Berrettini is the replica of the style of play of Juan Martin Del Potro, also called the tower and who played in the early 2000s and retired a couple of years ago.

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