Lorenzo Musetti Analysis

Lorenzo Musetti analysis

Lorenzo Musetti, one of the youngest players already in the circuit, surely one of the most talented ones.

Lorenzo Musetti was born in Carrara, in 2002 and was number 1 in the world at the Junior level. Musetti then went on to win 6 Junior titles, with the Australian Open in 2019 the pinnacle of his early career.

In 2022 Lorenzo in the pro tournament won titles ATP in Hamburg and Naples, at the first edition of the tournament which replaced the Chinese tournaments of Beijing and Shanghai, is not organized due to Covid-19.

Lorenzo Musetti playing style

Lorenzo Musetti
Musetti RG21 (13)” by si.robi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Lorenzo Musetti, the young Italian talent is known worldwide for his one-hand backhand which reminds one of the older tennis players, Stefanos Tsistispas, and one of the great champions Roger Federer is considered the most elegant player to be on the court in the entire tennis century.

Lorenzo in 2022 started to work a lot on his service as well, making it another weapon to attack the opponent during his service turn. Lorenzo Musetti is a pure clay player as he loves to play from the back of the court. He’s fast and loves to use the drop shot as well.

Lorenzo Musetti stroke analysis


This is one of the shots where Lorenzo needs to improve his swing if he wants to compete at the top level.

In 2022, his swing is not as powerful as the ones of Nick Kyrgios, Carlos Alcaraz, and Jack Sock and is not the best shot of Lorenzo Musetti. The decency in this shot allows him to compete at a high level, however, if he wants to compete at the top level that is not enough.

His game plan is to play from behind the baseline and hits the shots from there, to do so the power in the swing must become higher.


When we discuss the backhand with one hand of Lorenzo Musetti, we are talking about one of the best hits of the circuit.

Lorenzo hits with a one-hand backhand, very high and follows the movement with his whole body. It has some reminiscence of Dominic Thiem, the Austrian Grand Slam winner with its power and often the attack on the baseline which is used very often.

Musetti has a very stylish and effective single shot which is very explosive and can be unleashed at any time during the game.  


Lorenzo Musetti has a great swing serves as a preference however the power of his serve is one of the best in the circuit, making it a very difficult serve to read for the opponent.

On top of that Lorenzo can serve with a swing, direct, or even underserve as he did a few times during his career on the match point. In the circuit, he’s one of the most complete players and he can rise to the top 10 soon.

Return of serve

His ability to read the opponent’s serve is well-known in the tennis world. Lorenzo‘s return to service starts in a very unusual position.

Like most of the NewGen players, he loves to return with a very aggressive backhand or forehand in the middle of the court, not allowing the other player to have enough time to react, prepare the hit


Musetti as he is also a decent double player feels quite comfortable when attacking the net.

The fact he uses the one-handed backhand means he has great sensibility on his wrist and the drop shot, being one of his best weapons confirms this.

He uses quite often the drop shot to invite the other player to the net and then tries to lob him.

What is Lorenzo Musetti famous for

Apart from his Junior level when he reached number 1 in the world and won 6 tournaments including the Australian Open, Lorenzo Musetti is known for his victory vs Carlos Alcaraz, at Hamburg European Open final in July 2022 (then Alcaraz is the number 1 in the world in November 2022). The pair played already few times in their junior and might play again in the future together.

In 2022 Lorenzo Musetti got the best in the tense match as he managed to put Alcaraz’s backhand under pressure for the whole match.

Wrap Up

Lorenzo Musetti is already at the age of 20 years old (in 2022), the potential is great however as he has the whole game shots at his disposal, very much differently than Carlos Alcaraz or Holger Rune.

For example, he needs to choose attentively a game plan every time he faces an opponent.

Lorenzo Musetti can play an attacking match with a lot of net points and at the same time he is also comfortable playing from the baseline or with his forehand.

Other players might not have this the luxury of decision but at the beginning of their career when he is still pretty inexperienced this counts a lot. If he will soon improve this area of his game, starting to make the right choices at the right times on every match then he can definitely compete to be the number 1 Italian player and make the top 10.

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