Jannik Sinner Analysis

Jannik Sinner Analysis

Jannik Sinner is one of the most famous if not the most famous player in Italy in the last few years.

He was born in San Candido in 2001 so he’s still one of the next-gen players facing the more expert guys in the circuit.

All the tennis coaches and ex-famous Italian players, from Panatta to Barazzutti all talked about how this young, skinny, super-fast athlete, Jannik Sinner, could reach the top of the world.

In 2022, few years since his first match in ATP passed and he’s fighting to enter the top 10 following a couple of setbacks in the summer 2022 with injuries in the tournament of Sofia made his kipping the tournaments of Florence, Naples, and Wien. There he lost the points necessary to reenter the top 10.

Jannik Sinner playing style

Jannik Sinner is an Italian professional tennis player
Sinner RG21 (59)” by si.robi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Jannik Sinner’s style of playing is the one of an aggressive baseliner, inherited since a young age with his first coach.

He’s fast, light in weight, and can easily run back and forth on the baseline part of the court. The backhand of Sinner is one of the main weapons at their disposal for him, a double-handed backhand.

During his career (until November 2022), Jannik Sinner won 6 ATP titles and reached the ambitious target of reaching the Quarterfinals in the whole 4 Grand slams, showing that he’s a player able to adapt to any surface.

Last July 2022, during an interview given to Italian tennis TV channels he shared that he’s planning to be back into the top 10 of the ATP and do to so he needs to improve his game at the net and his service as well, being these 2 aspects, especially in fast surfaces very important.

Jannik Sinner Stroke Analysis


Jannik can generate a lot of power with his forehand and this is due to the speed of his arm and a perfect technique in activating it.

He has a long swing in the preparation and act of the movement however the small swing he has is low and compact so he can deal with fast-paced hits as well as low balls.


Jannik Sinner uses a double-handed backhand which allows him to have more control on returning all the shots. He can generate a lot of power with this shot, making him the heaviest backhand on the tour.

His flexibility reminisces the one of Novak Djokovic and allows him to return with a backhand from every side of the court.

Also, his backhand has more topspin than any other player on the tour which means the ball kicks up and makes it difficult for the opponent to return with a winner.

Sinner, with this backhand, can step up in the race of becoming one of the top 10 players in the circuit already in 2023.

On the technique to be clear, he uses a lot of his wrist, and the hands are very loose so this allows him the whip up the ball easier than any other player.


Jannick’s serve is probably a weakness.

Differently from his compatriot Matteo Berrettini who is a great server Jannik must improve it to be a top player.

In 2022, his style of serving is the one using the platform stance as it is said in tennis. The ones used by Sampras and Federer for instance, where the weight transfer from the back to the front foot is smooth.

There aren’t advantages to this, Kyrgios for example uses always the pinpoint stance. With the new coach, Piatti, famous for being the coach of Novak Djokovic as well, Sinner is changing and adapting his serve.

Before the change in his serving, Sinner had an average of 70% on his first serve, well below the tour level. His performance before 2022  can show how he lacks solid first serve against opponents not known as great returners such as Shapovalov and Hurcasz.

In November 2022, since his change in the service in the last 2 tournaments, Atlanta and Washington his level of service is up to 83% so it seems a much-needed step up. He loves to serve strongly, with an external slice trajectory.

Return of Serve

One of the strengths of Jannik Sinner was that allowed him to rank in the top 10 of the ATP and reach the quarter-finals of the 4 Grand Slams. With his aggressive way of playing and the capacity to be as flexible as Djokovic, who is the king in this skill, Sinner can return pretty much every first serve and be prepared to play the next point.


When playing at a high level, being able to play at the net is a must.

On this topic Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Pete Sampras could teach a lot, mentioning just the best of all times.

Sinner instead knows that this is his limitation and must improve it. When he attacks the net he never feels confident, sometimes he stops in the middle of the court while other times he attacks with the wrong timing.

Said so, his coach, Piatti is working and will work in the winter break 2022, on improving this aspect of his game and surely, we will see Sinner more often on the net in the upcoming future.

What is Jannik Sinner Famous for?

Apart from being the youngest Italian to ever win an ATP tournament, Jannik Sinner is famous for his achievements on the court. He managed to beat Carlos Alcaraz, number 1 in the world, twice.

First at the Roland Garros and then at Wimbledon. This had the effect to start the comparison between the 2 new talents of the next-gen, with many saying there will be a lot of other occasions for them to play against each other.

In the US Open 2022, won by Alcaraz, the Spanish got his revenge and beat Sinner after a hard-fought game where Sinner had even a match-point.

Wrap up

To say the least Jannik Sinner is going to be in the top players of the entire ATP circuit in after Fedalnovic era.

With his advantage of being still very young and already fighting for the top trophies, Jannik can concentrate on improving his game, with a top-notch coach like Riccardo Piatti.

All of this is going to assist him in the plan to become a world-class player able to challenge for top-ranking positions.

Jannik Sinner is a major hope for the Italian tennis movement in 2022 and in the upcoming season 2023 We will have to see how he lives with the expectations built around him.

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