Best Tennis Racquet For Returning Player

Best Tennis Racquet For Returning Player

When choosing the best racquet for a returning player you should consider the following racquets listed down below. If you haven’t played tennis in a long time, but you’re willing to test yourself and try the game out again, here are some tips on how to start.

Comfort and maneuverability should be your top priority in order to primarily prevent any injuries from occurring. Only once the racquet checks those boxes, can you further look into other characteristics and racquet features.

Keep reading to find out more about some of our top picks for tennis racquet for a returning player.

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet for Returning Players

Here are our top 5 picks for Best Racquets for Returning Players. Listed down below, you can find out more about the racquets as well as their pros and cons. This is definitely going to help you make your decision.

1. Wilson Clash 100

The Wilson Clash 100 is an overall amazing player’s racquet. The key feature of the Wilson Clash 100 is that is one of the most arm-friendly racquet series out on the market, which should play an important role in your decision.

My Wilson Clash 100 v2 16x19 string pattern
My Wilson Clash 100 v2 16×19 string pattern

Wilson Clash 100 comes with big sweet spot which makes it a more forgiving racquet for returning players.

The FortyFive technology in Wilson Clash v2, give all racquets from this series much more improved stability on off-center shots by allowing vertical bending, horizontal bending, and torsional bending.

Pros: It is extremely comfortable and light to swing as well as having moderate power and good top-spin to finish your points. It is also pretty swift on the net when you find yourself in a position when you need to react quickly.

Cons: The great level of comfort of the Wilson Clash 100 comes at a cost when it comes to power, especially on your flat serve. The timing of your flat serve would require some adjustments if you were used to playing with a stiffer racquet before.

In addition to this, despite being swift on the net, it is not as stable and precise on your volleys as some stiffer racquets might be.

2. Tecnifibre TF-X1 300

Tecnifibre TF-X1 300 Tennis Racquet - good for returning players

The Tecnifibre TF-X1 300 is one of the more comfortable additions to the Tecnifibre racquet series with the main emphasis on comfort and power.

This makes the TF-X1 300 a great option for returning players of an intermediate level and it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for it.

Pros: The Tecnifibre TF-X1 300 offers a great blend of comfort, power and top-spin paired with a very speedy swing. The place where this racquet really shines is your serve, where it provides you with great speed and power, whilst making it easy to target.

Cons: One of the key cons of the TF-X1 300 is that you might experience instability upon hitting certain shots, such as running shots. This usually leads players into adding additional weights on the racquet head which influences its balance.

3. Yonex EZone 100

The Yonex EZone 100 is a very popular choice of Yonex fans, and rightfully so. Here is some more information about the EZone 100 that you should consider before making a decision.

YONEX EZONE 100 tennis racket for returning players

Pros: The Yonex EZone 100 is overall a great player’s racquet enabling you to add versatility to your game. It is also precise with a great feel, whilst being good for counter-punch shots due to its large sweet spot.

Cons: Despite being described as a generally great racquet, some players might find it hard to add top-spin to their shots, due to the racquet being quite head-heavy. So, keep an eye out for this racquet, as some players reported shoulder pain after using it, so it is suggested to demo the racquet first.

4. Head Boom MP

The Head Boom MP is a relatively new addition to the Head racquet line-up. It is a user-friendly racquet with swift handling and loads of spin. As it is quite new, the best way to see if it works for you is to demo it.

Head Boom MP Tennis Racquet (4 1/4)

Provided down below are the pros and cons of the Head Boom MP which will give you more insight before buying.

Pros: The Head Boom MP is a very arm-friendly racquet with a lot of ball feedback. It provides very snappy and quick shots whilst maintaining a decent level of stability. One of the greatest features of this racquet is its touch, as most reviews state that it has superior touch when compared to some of its competition.

Cons: One of the only drawbacks of this racquet would be the slightest lack of stability on particular shots, such as very difficult running shots, but the same can be said about most racquets.

5.  Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the most well-known racquets made by Babolat and it is also one of the most loved racquet series.

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet - good for returning players

The combination of power and precision, whilst being in control of the game makes it a perfect racquet for a wide range of players. You can find out more about it down below.

Pros: The Babolat Pure Drive is an amazing racquet which offers a stunning performance from the baseline with the blend of swift acceleration and great targeting. It also provides the player with the confidence by being pretty stable upon contact with an emphasis on flatter shots.

Cons: Despite being an all-round great racquet, the Babolat Pure Drive has a drawback in the area of comfort. The comfort level of this racquet is not as high as in some other competitors. The lower level of comfort comes from the amount of vibration transferred to the player’s hand upon contact with the ball.

One of the solutions to minimize this impact would be using a vibration dampener.

Tips for choosing the right tennis racquet

1. Knowing your requirement

As we all know, the amount of tennis racquets out on the market is astonishing and it is very easy to get confused about which one to choose. The key factor is to know yourself and your requirements as a player which ultimately helps you to narrow down your search and guide you towards making the right decision.

If comfort is your key preference, I suggest you go for the Wilson Clash series as it is certainly one of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable racquet on the market currently.

If control and precision are your preferences, then I would suggest you take in consideration the Wilson Blade series.

The Wilson Blade series offers a wide variety of options for players that are in the market for baseline-based racquet with snappy shots and great precision.

In conclusion, you should know yourself the best and you should be able to recognize what works for your play style and what doesn’t. Based on your preference, when you decide on a particular racquet there are more key factors, found down below, that you should pay great attention to.

2. Pick the right string and tension

How to select the strings for tennis racquet

Once you’ve chosen a racquet which you think would suit you best, you must take in consideration the strings and the string tension. There is also a ton of strings on the market, as choosing is not easy.

There are no rules when it comes to which strings are the best on which racquet. It is solely based on your preference and the best way to choose is to play test (demo) the ones you think would work.

If your racquet is a very comfortable racquet with loads of power, a smart choice would be trying some stiffer strings which provide you with control and precision. Or in the case that you like softer strings with additional power, you should try that combination paired with a higher string tension.

On the other hand, if your racquet is stiff, you might want to try some softer strings that offer power and top-spin to find the right balance on your shots. But if you like control strings, you should try lowering your string tension to gain some power.

Overall, it all comes down to your personal preference. If something works for one player, it does not mean that it will work the same for another player. Try out different combinations to see what suites you the best.

3. Demo first

As mentioned above, the best way to figure out what your personal preference is, is by demoing different racquets, strings and string tensions.

There is no rule that implies what will be the most optimal choice for you, so give yourself some time to try out different combinations and demo them to get the clearest picture of what is the best choice. 

Tips for returning players

1. Exercise for strength and agility

The key to being prepared and ready to step out on the tennis court again is to be in good physical shape in order to minimize the chance of injury. A friendly suggestion, if you haven’t played tennis in quite some time, is to prepare yourself by exercising before you start playing.

2. Start off slow

You’ve reached the tennis court and you are ready to give it your best shot as you did before. Don’t get carried away into thinking you are in the exact same shape as you were before, so taking things at a bit of a slower pace will definitely positively impact your health as well as your game.

3. Consistency is key

The most important aspect of your new tennis journey is to be consistent. Keep playing at the pace which suites you the best, and don’t quit. In this way, you will greatly improve your game step by step, with the minimum probability of injuries occurring.

Wrap Up

To conclude our topic of the best tennis racquet for returning players, we must acknowledge that the greatest feat it you coming back to our beloved sport. The article above will help you choose which racquet is the best for you and for your play style, as well as guide you through your new tennis journey.

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