Best String for Babolat Racquets

Best String for Babolat Racquet

If you are using a Babolat racket with the best string for Babolat then you are already in the league of legends like Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem & even the latest sensation Carlos Alcaraz. There are several brands offering compatible strings. We can choose one from Tecnifibre, Luxilon, Babolat, Head, and So on.

We have already covered an in-depth analysis of strings in another article, Strings for Tennis Racquet, and in this article, we have focused on finding the best options for Babolat Racquets.

Best String for Babolat Pure Aero

First on the list is Nadal’s favorite weapon Babolat Pure Aero. This racket transformed the definition of the baseline game and the importance of spin in winning the points in tennis matches. You will love this racket as it will enhance every part of your game.

Selecting the best string is very important to use the full potential of the racket. This racket is Popular among tennis fans so many players start their careers with this racket including me.

We recommend using RPM Blast String at 50-59 pounds of tension.

Babolat RPM Blast (16-1.30mm) Tennis String Reel (Black)
  • Extruded monofilament with an octogonal profile
  • String type: monofilament
  • Gauge: 16 (1.30 mm)
  • Length: 660 feet
  • Color : Black

Best String for Babolat Pure Drive

Next on the list is selecting the best string for Babolat Pure Drive. Both professional and recreational tennis players have loved the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet since it first came out.

This racquet derives its spin from the carefully arranged string patterns. Because the Pure Drive has a large head size, as well as a 16×19 string pattern, the strings create a lot of friction with the tennis ball on contact, helping you generate more spin than most racquets with denser string patterns.

We recommend you to use a hybrid stringing Babolat RPM Power (17/1.25MM) + XCEL (16/1.30MM) String set at 50 ~ 59 tension.

Babolat Hybrid Rpmp125 + Xcel 130 Cording,Unisex Adult, Unisex_Adult, 281038, Multi-Coloured (Multi-Coloured), 25/30
  • Power and durability
  • Super soft for a topspin
  • It is perfect for tennis and paddle tennis.
  • Department: Unisex

Best String for Babolat Pure Strike

Finding the best string for Babolat Pure Strike is crucial as it is a racquet that is perfectly placed between Pure Aero and Pure Drive.

This design brought players a racquet that offered loads of spin and power but with a control and a softer feel. There’s enough power in the racquet to hit a winner on the run and ample maneuverability to hit with angle and pull your opponents off the court.

As used by Dominic Thiem, we recommend the Babolat RPM Power Tennis strings and the recommended stringing tension range for the racket is between 50-59 lbs.

Babolat RPM Power (17-1.25mm) Electric Blue Racquet String Set
  • Babolat RPM Power tennis string features a striking “electric blue” color.
  • Unique feel: both crisp and powerful
  • Length: 40 Feet / 12.2 meters
  • Guage: 17 / 1.25mm

Babolat String for Power

Strings define your gaming style, finding Babolat string for power is crucial for you if you are a heavy baseline player. These strings will help you to keep shooting those shots. To inject some power into your game, we can suggest a few techniques. 

You can decide to play with a more powerful racket, hit the gym with a new workout plan or loosen the tension of your strings.

However, one of the options which can give you power with ease is by using strings designed for delivering power. We recommend you to use Babolat VS team natural gut.

Babolat Touch VS 17G Tennis String ()
  • Formerly known as the Babolat VS Team BT7 17.
  • Gauge: 17-1.25mm
  • Color: Natural
  • Item #: 201031-17-128

Babolat String for Topspin

Topspin is the most important tool in today’s gaming style, selecting the best Babolat string for topspin will be the game-changer for you.

This weapon can break the rhythm of your opponent. If your racquet is equipped with the perfect strings then you have an advantage even before the start of the game.

We recommend the Babolat RPM Blast for the killer Topspin you are looking for on the court. 

Babolat RPM Blast 16g Tennis String, Black (Set)
  • HEAVY SPIN: Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String brings heavy spin and maximum control to your game. As you swing big with full strokes, RPM Blast consistently performs and lives up to the hype. You’ll be ripping winners, hitting dipping pass shots, and creating angles you didn’t know existed. The octagonal structure with a high-density co-polyester adds a phenomenal rotation to the ball and brings an exceptional spin.
  • DURABILITY: Co-polyester compound makes the RPM family very durable monofilaments. Ideal for heavy hitters who expect string performance over time.
  • CONTROL: Firm response provides accuracy and control to keep all your shots in the court.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 12m / 39ft; String Type: Polyester Mono Filament; Gauge: 16g; Color: Black.
  • INNOVATION: Your strings are the engine of your racquet. Half of your racquet’s performance comes from your strings. Which means choosing the right string is important. Babolat invented tennis string in 1875. And they’ve been innovating ever since, so you can play your best and enjoy the game more than ever.

Wrap Up

It is very crucial to use best string for Babolat racquets as strings are the powerhouse of your racquet. If you are using a string against your natural playing style it will against your skillset. Hence to uplift your game level it is very important to use the perfect strings for your racquet.

However, you have to keep in your mind that the string will play its role only once you reach an intermediate level of playing. If you are a beginner then you won’t be able to appreciate the importance of strings on your racquet.

Nonetheless, using the best strings always help to deliver your best game on the court.

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