Best HEAD Tennis racquet

best Head Tennis racquet

If you are a Head fan then selecting the best Head Tennis racquet will be the most important decision in your Tennis career, as the racquet will highly influence your playing style.

These are the boldest racquets in the market similar to the players who endorse this brand. They use a bright mix of colors and give appeal to all the new players in the game. Now we will dive more into the racquets offered by Head.

Different Models of Head racquets 

Head makes 6 Different Models of Tennis racquets. They are listed below with their basic characteristics then we will select the best Head tennis racquet based on your skills level:

Head Extreme: Powerful with Spin-Friendly behavior

Head Speed: Advanced racquet with a balance

Head Radical: Easy to play and good for everyone’s racquet

Head Prestige: racquet for the Professional Circuit

Head Gravity: Flexible, Forgiving, focus on Control

Head Instinct: Power & Spin with a swing-friendly nature

Let’s understand how to select.

Best Head Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Let’s identify the best Head racquet for beginners we would recommend the Head Titanium Ti S6 115-square-inches face.

HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet (4-1/4), Strung

This 255 grams ultralight Head racquet is probably not going to work for beginners who are looking to play competitively (as your skills improve, you’ll likely want to size down).

But if you’re just looking for a knock-around option you can use to hit balls with your kids, or if you lack the hand-eye coordination to start with something smaller as you learn the basics of the sport.

If you are looking to reach the pro levels then best Head tennis for such beginners we recommend Head Gravity S, if you don’t want something that’s going to weigh you down every time you swing, the Head Gravity S is here to the rescue.

HEAD Gravity S Tennis Racquet - 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 1/4 Grip, Unstrung

The graphite Graphene 360+ technology in this racquet is designed to give you a more clean feel as you follow through with your swing. Plus, it’s lighter weight to avoid long-term discomfort for your wrist and arm.

Head Racquet for Intermediate Players

If you are playing for the last 12 ~ 24 months and want to take your game to the next level then you are an intermediate player. Let’s find the best Head tennis racquet for intermediate players, for such players we recommend the below list of racquets:

Head Extreme MP  – The original version with excellent power & spin. We recommend this for most intermediate to advanced players.

Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

Head Speed MP  – With a 16×19 string pattern, this version will offer more power and spin. Great for intermediate or advanced players with a power baseline game style.

HEAD Speed MP 2022 Performance Tennis Racquet, 4 3/8 Inch Grip, Strung with Hawk Touch 17g Gray at 52 Pounds Tension

Head Radical S  – A lighter version with a forgiving 102 square inch head size making it great for beginner and intermediate players.

HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical S Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 Grip, Unstrung

Head Racquet for Advanced Players

Recommending Head tennis racquet for advanced players is very difficult because as an advanced player you will probably have a good idea of the type of racquet you are looking for.

We expect you’re a player with a big game, that likes to strike the ball cleanly and dominate points when you can.

That is, looking for a control-oriented racquet, that will give you decent pop, whilst maintaining stability and control as you start ramping up your game. We recommend the below racquets for your game:

Head Prestige Tour  – This version has a very small 93-square-inch head size with a heavy frame for stability & power. This is for advanced players only.

Head Prestige Tour Tennis Racquet (4 1/4" Grip)

Head Extreme Tour  – A more advanced version of Head Extreme with a smaller (98 square inch) head size for more control.

Head 2021 Extreme Tour Nite Tennis Racquet (4-1/2)

Best Head Racquet for Women

Women’s tennis is good for health, and entertainment, and provides you with a good friend circle. You can be a part of that world, too.

If you’re getting started in tennis and you’re wondering which racquet to buy.

HEAD Gravity S Tennis Racquet - 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 1/4 Grip, Unstrung

We would recommend you Head Gravity S, which gives a forgiving, comfortable frame, but with room for more control. If you have a faster swing, this racquet will help you control your power.

Head Racquets for Power and Control

If you are advancing in your game then you will always look for the best Head tennis racquet for power and control. If you are a well-built player and are able to generate power from your own muscles then you need a racquet for pure control. We recommend the below racquets for playing with power and control:

Head Extreme Tour – A more professional version of Head Extreme with a smaller (98 square inch) head size for more power and control.

Head Speed Pro – The legendary design for advanced players has an 18×20 string pattern for great control and feel.

HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 3/8 Grip, Unstrung


Q1: Head Speed vs Extreme

To put it simply, let’s compare Head Speed MP vs Extreme MP. Althought both are spin-friendly racquets, Head Speed MP is more control-oriented whereas the Head Extreme MP gives more power and a bit more spin. This difference is due to the lower stiffness of the Head Speed MP which allows for greater dwell time on the strings.

Both rackets have the same headsize (100, weight (300g), balance(320 mm) and string pattern (16×19). Additionally, their swing weights are relatively similar as well (322-323).

The Head Speed MP would be better suited for all-court players whereas the Head Extreme MP is better for aggressive baseliners.

Q2: Head Gravity MP vs Speed MP

Head Gravity MP is suitable for flat-hitters while Head Speed MP is more suitable for spin-hitters. Head Gravity comes with 18 x 20 while Head Speed MP is 16×19 string pattern.

Wrap Up

Head is a great Tennis racquet manufacturing company with a legacy of great players endorsing their brand. To play at your maximum ability you need to select the best Head tennis racquet as per your playing style.

Our guide can help you to finalize the options available for you however the best way is to experience the racquets and take your final call. Keep playing and keep enjoying one of the finest games in the sports universe. 

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